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Creations bespoke prefinished

Our Creations range of engineered wooden floors are prefinished in our state-of-the-art workshop, just outside London by our team of highly skilled and experienced floor finishing technicians.

In planks, wood blocks to create herringbone and other timeless patterns, or in chevrons – our Creations prefinished oak flooring is ideal for fast-track projects. These floors are ready to be walked upon as soon as installation is complete, without the need for sanding or finishing on site. In thicknesses of 15mm or 20mm, compatible with both water and electric under floor heating systems and suitable for use with a wide range of sub floors (please speak to our team for details on individual products), our Fusion Creations floors are FSC® 100%.

From the elegant simplicity of our Winchester, Pleshey or Arundel natural oak finishes through to the rich and dark tones of our Torrington or Torres finishes. Our range also includes floors with subtle – or striking – highlights to the grain, such as our Panfield, Alwyne or Ludgate finishes, as well as browns, greys, whites and even black coloured floors.

All of our finishes are available with a Distressed texture, giving the appearance of an aged, worn floor – or a Bandsawn texture for a unique and contemporary feel.

As well as the selection of our favourite finishes below, we offer a fully bespoke flooring service to match or create the perfect colour and texture for your project.